Your Advocate in Times of Need: The Work Injury Lawyer’s Mission

You don’t want to waste time and money if you’ve been injured at work. You need legal advice immediately, so you’ll need to get it for free. What are your options?

What can you expect from a free consultation appointment? A lawyer for personal injury will meet with you to discuss your case. Your lawyer will ask questions about the incident and what you did since (i.e. whether you reported it and if you’ve seen a doctor). Your lawyer can also answer questions about their experience and what to expect during the claim process.

Injury lawyers use free consultations to see if they can assist. There are many ways that a lawyer can assist you following an accident on the job. However, if you wait too long to consult with your lawyer about your claim, your lawyer will have limited options. We recommend you to schedule a consultation with a lawyer as soon as possible work injury lawyer. There’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Your initial consultation with an attorney for workplace accidents is absolutely free. There are several reasons why workers’ compensation attorneys and personal injury lawyers do not charge an initial consultation.

You need to ensure that you are a good match. You should be able to choose another attorney if you don’t feel that the one you met is the right choice for you. Do not feel pressured to hire an attorney just because you paid for a consultation. In the initial consultation, your attorney will also get to know you and your case. You should be able get a second opinion if, after hearing more about your case, the attorney decides to not represent you.

It’s not exactly. Once your attorney has learned the specifics of your case, he or she can provide you with answers to such questions. While your lawyer can’t guarantee you a settlement or compensation, they will be able, with more information, to give a reasonable estimate of the likelihood that you could receive benefits or compensation.

Yes and no. Workplace accident claims are handled by personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys on a contingent-fee model. They do not charge out-of pocket legal fees and you won’t have to pay any money as your case advances. Your attorney’s fees are calculated based on a percentage of the award you receive in a court settlement or verdict.

You will never be required to pay for legal advice. If your workplace accident lawyer is unable to obtain compensation, your legal counsel would still technically be free of charge (even if you don’t receive the outcome you wanted). If an experienced attorney accepts your case, it usually means: (i), the attorney thinks you have a good chance of winning; (ii), the attorney feels that your case will be worth pursuing, both for you and the firm.

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